WebWrap is a wrapper to facilitate cross platform (Neko, Node.js & PHP) Web services or apps development using the Haxe programming language.

It mainly consists of a "Listener" bootstrap class and a "Request" class to handle Http requests. It Automaticaly handles (and deserialises) URL-encoded, JSON and XML incoming data.

It includes some support for progressive enhancements ("Listener" and "Request" class are available in client side Javascript).

It is not a framework and it tries to remain as unintrusive as possible.

Aditional features


For Node.js support, hxnodejs is required:
haxelib install hxnodejs


haxelib install webwrap.zip


Copy the provided "Index.hx" example and adapt it to your needs. Refer to UML class diagram for documentation on available methods to handle HTTP requests:

To generate HXML build files (with automatic resources inclusion):
haxelib run webwrap neko/nodejs/php/js [additional libraries]
Exemple : haxelib run webwrap nodejs haxelow

Advanced usage / Progressive enhancements

To enable progressive enhancements, on anchors or forms elements, add
attribute: onclick="Listener.boot(this, method, url); return false"
method and url parameters are optional, their default values are:

Usage constraints